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Energy Fair and Pledge-In for Finger Lakes Energy Challenge

April 6, 2011  –   6:30-9:00 pm
Womens Community Building Auditorium, 100 W. Seneca St., Ithaca, NY

Don’t miss the Energy Fair on April 6 where we’ll explore the math behind eS = mc2 !

True energy security is the result of motivated community cooperation to reduce our dependence on risky fossil fuels.

Every citizen has an important and necessary role in phasing out wasteful energy consumption and investing in efficiency and local self-renewing energy sources.  Energy is tied into almost everything we do.  Together we can make sure our families are secure and our economy resilient.  Together we can transform the energy marketplace and support our growing number of green collar workers.  Sustainable Tompkins and its partners are proud to host you and your family for an evening devoted to community energy security.  Download the Energy Fair poster and share widely! Read the rest of this entry »

Green Jobs Represent a Good Investment

By Bethany Schroeder and Elan Shapiro

According to the recently released guide to green jobs, “Green-Collar Jobs in America’s Cities,” as well as the associated study and action plan for leaders called “Greener Pathways,” a green-collar job by definition provides wages and benefits to support a family, career opportunities and mechanisms to reduce waste, pollution and other environmental risks. Read the rest of this entry »