Building a sustainable community, one supporter at a time.

Since 2004, Sustainable Tompkins has been providing leadership and support to the local sustainability movement.  We’ve been at the leading edge of designing for healthy, thriving communities that safeguard the well-being of future generations and the natural systems we all depend on.

With an office and staff, we have demonstrated our capacity to stay in the work for the long haul – and we need your support and engagement to keep our programs like the Neighborhood Mini-Grants, Signs of Sustainability, and Finger Lakes Climate Fund going. Instead of our formal membership program of the past, we are now engaging with all of our donors as our supporters.

Your donations to Sustainable Tompkins allow us to build a community of individuals and organizations who both support and challenge one another to live more sustainably.

Join with hundreds of others and support the work of Sustainable Tompkins today!

Who are Supporters of Sustainable Tompkins?

  • Individuals AND Organizations AND Businesses
  • Forward-thinking citizens who embrace new, innovative ways of living and working sustainably,
  • People who value justice, stewardship, and enduring prosperity,
  • Residents who want a better life for themselves, for others, and for our shared future.

Our supporters receive our newsletters, keeping you in the loop about Sustainable Tompkins’s work, along with other local sustainability news. We also look to our supporters to act as ambassadors for the local sustainability movement. If you have the time and the inclination, we’ll look to you to represent Sustainable Tompkins at local community events, actions and cultural events. Email to plug in!

Sustainable Tompkins supports the community conversations that lead to action in areas such as green jobs, local investing, healthy neighborhoods, social and economic resilience, and clean environments.  Top down and bottom up – we bring people together to make a difference.

Please become a Sustainable Tompkins supporter today! Together, we’re building community today for a sustainable tomorrow. (And remember, your supporter dollars are tax deductible.)

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