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The SEEN Helps Build Local Connections

Tompkins Weekly – July 26, 2010
by Bob Rossi
The SEEN Business Card Exchange TableWhat does success mean to you?  Perhaps it means happiness or achieving specific goals.  Perhaps it relates to your business, family, or sport.  Now take a moment to consider what your best path to success might be.  Most likely you cannot travel this path alone. Read the rest of this entry »

Green Jobs May Not All be Good Jobs

Tompkins Weekly – May 10, 2010
By Carl Feuer
As our economy transitions toward greater sustainability and environmental responsibility, as we must, it is important that we focus on more than just preserving or restoring the quality of our environment. Read the rest of this entry »

“Signs of Sustainability” 2009 Awards – Part V

By Christina Orlandini and Marian Brown

This is the last of our series in which Sustainable Tompkins introduces you to “Signs of Sustainability” in the category of new sustainability programs or activities by existing businesses or organizations. Read the rest of this entry »