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Get Foodie

A new show, ‘Get Foodie’, is sponsored by GreenStar Co-op. Carisa Fallon is the creative energy behind the show, which is carried on the Pegasys Network. In each episode, Fallon and her two daughters visit a local producer or farm, discuss what food is being served or grown, and then she and her daughters return home to prepare a dish using that food. The focus of the show is in teaching local families about the sustainable and delicious food options that are in their backyards. The episodes air locally and can also be found on


IthaCar taxi service provides an ecologically friendly transportation option. Customers ride in energy efficient hybrid vehicles to and from the airport.  In April, IthacCar partnered with the Finger Lakes Climate Fund to purchase carbon offsets for airport shuttle trips.


Matt Ruger launched “Maid-To-Shine”, a new commercial cleaning business¬† in Ithaca using only “green” cleaning products.

Sustainable Passion Boutique

Sustainable Passion Boutique opened, specializing in sustainable sex toys and other erotic items. Sustainable Passion focuses on providing a sex-positive, relaxed and women-centric ambience for its customers. The store focuses on products which are not only better for the environment but safer for the health of the users.

Poppy Singer Designs

Ithaca native Poppy Singer recently opened an online business, Poppy Singer Designs, selling organic cotton sheets printed with her signature artistic designs. The sheets are made entirely within the United States, from the certified organic cotton that is grown and used to make the fabric, to the location of where the fabric is sewn into bedding.

Joe Solar

Joe Solar is a company specializing in solar thermal technology, installing solar heating and hot water systems in homes.

Intelligent Green Solutions

Intelligent Green Solutions “identifies, designs, and installs systems that will dramatically slash both the operation cost and carbon footprint.” IGS offers installation of solar thermal energy, photovoltaic energy, small wind systems, and offers project management and consultation.

Community Biomass Energy (CBE)

Community Biomass Energy (CBE) works to transform locally produced biomass into sustainable energy products.  The group clears land for free and harvests biofeedstock to make into grass pellets for energy-efficient pellet stoves. This process provides jobs for the community, reduces carbon emissions by eliminating long-distance timber shipments, and provides a source of renewable fuels. CBE sells 100% recycled kiln dried wood fuel bricks, made with no binders or additives. Producing less than 1% ash, each ton of wood bricks has an equivalent heating value of a cord of average firewood, but takes up far less space.

The Thrift Boutique

The Thrift Boutique has opened downtown, specializing in high-end-quality, gently-used clothing and accessories for women and men.

The Funky Monkey

The Funky Monkey in Dryden, a new second-hand children’s boutique, features toys and clothing for newborns to kids aged 10-12.