The multi-faceted Signs of Sustainability program began with a section on our first website that featured news of individual or organizational actions and programs that supported the shift to sustainable lifestyles.  At our December 2006 holiday dinner, we presented a slideshow and gave out SoS certificates to 31 new businesses and organizational programs related to sustainability.  The annual awards program grew rapidly and 1,617 awards were given out between 2006 and 2013. In 2014, we launched the People’s Choice Signs of Sustainability Awards to have our community nominate the Individuals, Organizations, Businesses, and Youth who took significant steps in the past year to make our community more just and more sustainable.

In early 2007, we approached the publishers of Tompkins Weekly to suggest a weekly Signs of Sustainability column on local sustainability written by representatives from various organizations and managed by ST.  The articles also are featured on the ST website and facebook page.

The SoS program also includes “On the Homefront” where members can post their suggestions for more sustainable patterns of living.