Tompkins Weekly – July 26, 2010
by Bob Rossi
The SEEN Business Card Exchange TableWhat does success mean to you? Perhaps it means happiness or achieving specific goals. Perhaps it relates to your business, family, or sport. Now take a moment to consider what your best path to success might be. Most likely you cannot travel this path alone.

We are social beings. Our individual success depends on the participation of those around us. This holds true for where we live, where we work, and how we spend our time in between.

This concept of interdependence is central to a new business network called the SEEN. The SEEN stands for the Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network. It is a growing community of businesses, organizations, and individuals working together to achieve ecological, social, and financial success. This approach – known as the triple bottom line – has been shown to increase customer loyalty and generate stable profitability. Read more……..