John Dean

john dean

Local musician John Dean shares his feelings about drilling for shale gas with “No Frackin’ Way” (copyright 2010 by John Dean), a bluesy recounting of shared concerns about hydrofracking. Be sure to listen for the refrain about using renewable energy! And then step up to┬áthe Finger Lakes Energy Challenge and get on your path to a low-carbon future!

Listen to “No Frackin’ Way”


Check out this preview clip of Empowered, a film by former board member Shira Golding Evergreen about residents of Tompkins County exploring alternative energy solutions. In this clip, Cal Walker speaks at an Energy Fair hosted by Sustainable Tompkins that featured the many ways we can transition from our dependency on fossil fuels.

Stopping the Fossil Fuel Juggernaut!

Connecting the Dots: Sarah Highland

Sarah Highland, a local green builder, came up with the idea for the Finger Lakes Energy Challenge as she was driving through her homelands in West Virginia coal country, wishing for a way to help people connect the dots between their own fossil fuel consumption and the damage done by mining and drilling.

Listen to Sarah as she shares her vision for taking personal responsibility for our demand for fossil energy.