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In October 2020, we awarded $3,300 to five grants

Ellis Hollow Nursery School: Trail renovation at the Ellis Hollow Community Center, including plant ID tags and a plant ID station.

Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming: Partial costs of a solar pump for a new pond at the Groundswell Center’s Incubator Farm.

Khuba International: Supplies and educational materials for the Quarter Acre for the People urban farming education project at Fort Baptist Farm.

Parents2Polls Tompkins: Publicity for a volunteer-driven program during the November 2020 election, assisting parents and others in line during early voting and providing free childcare at the Southside Community Center on Election Day.

The Village at Ithaca: Partial costs of a bike rack housing a new fleet of bicycles for youth employees delivering programs and mutual aid in the City of Ithaca.

In April 2020, we awarded $1,000 to two grants

Trees Up Tompkins: Native trees, planting materials, and event publicity for a community tree planting at Lighthouse Point.

Luna Fiber Studio: Materials for an indigo seed-to-fiber workshop with the Youth Farm Project’s summer program participants.

In October 2019, we awarded $470 to two projects. 

Jonathyn Thornton: Partial costs of a 2019 Eagle Scout project renovating an overgrown public trail through the woods between the Varna Community Center and the Hillside Acres Mobile Home Park.
Open Doors English: Brochures and a reusable display for community outreach, promoting a new program which offers English as a Second Language classes in downtown Ithaca for adults, building local economic equity and including education on environmental sustainability.

In March and April 2019, we awarded $1,398 to four projects.

Durland Alternatives Library: Online hosting costs and a domain name for a new “Alternatives in Action” podcast featuring the stories and endeavors of people in the Finger Lakes region striving toward sustainability in food systems, energy issues, or socioeconomic justice, focusing on related actions that a listener can take.
Sunrise Movement Ithaca: Promotional materials, uniforms, and travel costs for the newly-formed local “hub” of the Sunrise Movement, at national movement of youth supporting and calling for action on social and climate justice issues in their communities and at all levels of government.
Village at Ithaca: Supplies, promotional materials, and contracted instructor fees for three courses in a free five-course Introduction to Gardening series for the residents of West Village Apartments, at the apartment complex’s Dig’nity Garden, growing vegetables for residents to eat.
Ithaca Murals: Materials and artist stipends for the Justice Walls 2019 multi-mural project.
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