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In April 2023, we awarded $2,500 to four grants:

Ash Ferlito and Brandon Hoak: Native plant additions to the Marshy Garden habitat restoration project and educational venue at the Soil Factory south of Ithaca.

Friends of the Lansing Center Trail: Plant identification signage for the native plant garden at the entrance to the Lansing Center Trail.

Groton Community Cupboard: Contribution to the costs of relocating and expanding the Groton food pantry.

Kate McKee: Bike racks to be installed at four businesses throughout the Village of Dryden.

In October 2022, we awarded $1,790 to three grants.

Brooktondale Community Center: Materials to build a collection bin for returnable bottles, replacing a rotten collection bin.

Jean’s Soul Food Spot: Partial cost of equipment for outfitting a mobile food concession trailer to be run as a restaurant by a BIPOC entrepreneur selling affordable food and aiming for local sourcing.

Mutual Aid Tompkins: Materials to build a community food sharing cabinet designed to be accessible by people with impaired mobility.

In April 2022, we awarded $2,175 to six grants.

Black Diamond Trail Enthusiasts Network: Partial costs of a one-year rental of a porta-potty  on the Black Diamond Trail from Cass Park to Taughannock Falls State Park.

Communitas: Nature exploration tools, including magnifiers and monoculars, to be used long-term in youth education programs in Tompkins County.

Ben Komor: Three months of community-building “Games ‘n Goods” game nights for mentally ill locals at the Ithaca Community Recovery building.

Jack Wright: Materials to create garden beds hosted by Fort Baptist Farm, growing produce for donation to local food distribution groups.

Liliana Coelho: Dyes and laundry fees involved in hosting a community dye bath in Ithaca, where people bring garments to be re-dyed for prolonged desirability.
Matt Dallos:  $550 to create a naturalistic garden on a median of N. Meadow Street in Ithaca, for low-maintenance urban beautification and insect habitat.

In October 2021, we awarded $1,857.86 to four grants.

Finger Lakes Toy Library: Advertising for the toy library’s new location in the Ithaca Mall.

Mackenzie Torelli: Materials to build five Little Free Libraries in Northeast Ithaca, in collaboration with Northeast Elementary School students and parents.

Open Doors English: Wi-Fi hotspot rentals for low-income students in remote adult English as a Second Language classes.

Zero Waste Ithaca: Bring-Your-Old-Container stickers and other partial costs of a campaign encouraging restaurants and food-serving stores to accept Bring-Your-Own-Containers, offer single-use utensils by request only, and/or develop returnable container systems.

In April 2021, we awarded $3,850 to nine grants.

Adrianna Hirtler: An interactive observation board beside Six Mile Creek in Titus Triangle Park, to be used by park visitors to record observations of the creek and its wildlife, local cultural stories, and other messages that build environmental awareness and community connections.

Catholic Charities of Tompkins Tioga: Tools and materials to start a permanent program of instruction in machine sewing at A Place to Stay, their transitional supportive residence for homeless and recovering women in Ithaca.

Claire Dehm: Three “Women at the Wheel” bicycle repair workshops at the Ithaca Farmers Market pavilion in summer 2021, open to women and non-binary residents of Tompkins County.

Downtown Ithaca Alliance: Partial costs of purchasing a self-serve bicycle repair station in downtown Ithaca, equipped with tools, an air pump, and a stand.

Fort Baptist Farm: Materials to create flowerbeds in a new onsite community garden of herbs, flowers, and fruit trees for public harvesting and use.

Ithaca Catholic Worker: A shed to house a mutual aid food sharing cabinet, with coolers for perishable food, at the Peter De Mott Catholic Worker House in Southside.

Ithaca Monthly Meeting Earthcare Committee: Partial costs of creating a raised bed garden to grow vegetables and herbs for public harvesting and use at the Meeting House in Northside.

Kristen Streahle: Creation of communal food-producing vertical gardens on the porches of a multi-household rental residence in downtown Ithaca.

Luna Fiber Studio: Partial costs of a 2021 indigo seed-to-fiber workshop with the Youth Farm Project’s summer program participants, featuring an expanded focus on the textile industry’s production and post-production impacts.


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