You can use this text provided by Fossil Free Tompkins to send an email to the NYS Public Service Commission to reject further investments in fossil fuel infrastructure in Tompkins County.  Just copy and paste:


Subject:  Case 17-G-0432, NYSEG Compressor Pilot Project

Dear Commissioner Rhodes,

I am a NYSEG customer in Tompkins County. I support NYSEG’s proposal to install 4 pressure boosters to ensure adequate gas pressure in Lansing rather than building a new pipeline. Further, I strongly support our County Legislature’s pledge to reduce GHG emissions and fossil fuel use – goals that cannot be reached if we continue to expand natural gas use. We need to curtail our reliance on fossil fuels, not invest in new infrastructure that will become stranded assets. Instead we should meet our heating needs by investing in energy efficiency and heat pumps for space and water heating. NYSEG’s solution is cheaper for ratepayers, better for the environment, and supports the State’s Energy Plan for GHG reduction.

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