Thursday, Feb 19  6-7 pm, Dryden Town Hall

Hosted by Dryden Town Board, the Town Planning Board and the Town Conservation Board

 We often hear the refrain that clean energy technologies hold much promise but are not sufficiently developed for use in today’s markets. This presentation will demonstrate that these technologies are currently viable AND cost effective.

Over the past several months a group of about 40 community members have come together to analyze the need for a new, 7-mile natural gas pipeline through Dryden as proposed by NYSEG. Before committing to such an increased dependency on methane and locking our region into more fossil fuel infrastructure, home owners, contractors, developers, and public decision- makers should become familiar with the current benefits of alternative energy strategies.

This community group has done modeling to compare the costs of space heating and domestic hot water for residential and commercial buildings, fueled by gas versus renewable sources of energy. They will present relevant portions of their analysis.

Join us for a presentation by Dr. Brice Smith, Graduate Program Coordinator in Sustainable Energy Systems, SUNY Cortland.  Melissa Kemp, Program Director of Solar Tompkins, and Gay Nicholson, President of Sustainable Tompkins, will also provide contributions to the program.

This should be of interest to home owners, contractors, developers, and public decision- makers interested in how we will meet our local energy needs now and in the future.