Locally-owned cooperatives are an important tool for strengthening our local economy and building in self-reliance and resiliency.  Thanks to Dana Khromov for her excellent research into this topic for the August 3 Ithaca Times feature article “Cooperative Progress.” Her article does a great job of reviewing the many kinds of cooperatives we have in the Ithaca area, and the role they are playing in building a more just and democratic local economy.

We talked with her at length about the many benefits of worker-owned cooperatives and Sustainable Tompkins’s new study group on worker coops.  If you are interested in joining the Worker-Owned Cooperatives group or our Local Green Investing group, email Gay@sustainabletompkins.org.

The photo features Demarquis Graves of the Youth Farm Project, a collaboration between students from Lehman Alternative Community School, Southside Community Center, and the Full Plate Collective. The Youth Farm Project received a $750 Sustainable Tompkins Neighborhood Mini-Grant in June, 2010. (Photo by Rachel Phillipson)