Why would somebody who sells ice cream be concerned about warm weather? Watch our new video of Bruce Lane, the owner of Purity Ice Cream, to find out why Bruce is a big fan of the Finger Lakes Climate Fund, and why he likes to use our local carbon fund to offset the emissions from his business and personal travel.

This is the first in a series of short videos about supporters of our local Climate Fund produced by Sustainable Tompkins and Board member Shira Evergreen of Shirari Industries. Thanks to Shira, Bruce, and Gay Nicholson and Jonathan Maddison for putting this one together. Thank you also to all of the members of the Finger Lakes Climate Fund Frequent Users club.

We want you to try the fund! Be a first-time user between now and April 1 and your offset will be matched, dollar for dollar, with a Challenge gift from our friends at the Park Foundation. And stay tuned for more stories from supporters of the Finger Lakes Climate Fund!