While Ithaca certainly has a reputation for being progressive and eco-conscious, there are exciting things happening on the sustainability front all over the Finger Lakes Region!  Progressive-minded people continue to move into the region, working to overhaul our food system, promote democracy and justice, protect the air, land, and water, and build conscious communities. This wave of influential people inspired us to build Sustainable Finger Lakes, a platform to weave together the regional movement.

On the Sustainable Finger Lake website, you can find updated regional news on the latest strides in the movement, calls to action to support, and a calendar of sustainability-related events. Learn about the Finger Lakes Climate Fund, which helps low to moderate income families afford energy-saving home upgrades. Browse our regional Map to discover the sustainable entities in your community, or see our ‘Signs of Sustainability’ – stories of local businesses, organizations, growers, nonprofits, and other pioneers.

Recently, we highlighted the CNY Solidarity Coalition, a grassroots group dedicated to tearing down the walls that divide and impoverish people. We also featured the Coalition for Healthy School Food, a nonprofit that introduces plant-based foods and nutrition education in schools through interactive classroom visits and after-school cooking classes. Coming soon: Regional Green Tips! Learn how you can use local resources to make small but effective lifestyle changes that protect the environment, and could even save you money. Stay tuned!