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Cortland Energy

A new not-for-profit organization, Cortland Energy, began a community education program to teach Cortland County residents about renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency techniques that can save money on energy costs. The program will help Cortland County reach its overall goal of becoming carbon neutral.


IthaCan is a web-based social network that connects food enthusiasts, supporters of local agriculture, and people with an interest or question about food and sustainability. IthaCan especially focuses on teaching about and supporting the preservation of food at home. IthaCan organizers hosted a number of events in the last year educating people about how to make the most of our local food bounty.


Finger Lakes ReUse, in partnership with the Ithaca Youth Bureau’s Computer All-Stars program, opened the eCenter that – along with providing bargains on a wide array of used electronics – offers computer refurbishment and repairs, IT service and support, and technology education.