Promoting green collar careers addresses two of our biggest challenges: the economy and the environment. Sustainable Tompkins supports the regeneration of a local, more sustainable and more socially equitable economy based upon local resources and renewable energy.  The goals of the Fair were to:
  • Introduce the concepts of sustainability and green careers to students, educators and the general public;
  • Provide a variety of real examples of local businesses and organizations demonstrating sustainable careers, and connect them with area youth;
  • Stimulate the imagination of area youth in the realm of green careers and jobs;
  • Collaborate with other agencies concerned about promoting regional youth employment;
  • Stimulate the creation of new, local green internships within our exhibiting businesses and organizations.

The Green Collar Career Fair, the first of its kind in our region, was held on November 5, 2008 (10 am to 4 pm) at Tompkins Cortland Community College in the Borg Warner Field House on its Dryden campus. Nearly 300 upper level high school students along with their teachers and chaperones were bussed in from Tompkins and surrounding counties during the morning hours. Approximately 200 college students, school administrators and members of the general public attended in the afternoon. The event was free-of-charge. 39 exhibitors promoted careers exemplifying sustainability in the sectors of energy, building, transportation, local farms (food and wine), and ‘catalysts for change’ including alternative media, Green Guerillas, New Roots School and the Green Resource Hub.