Sustainable Tompkins talks with David Brancaccio, Host of ‘Fixing the Future” and Shira Golding of Share Tompkins and Shirari Industries.

We are excited to introduce our new series of Sustainable Tompkins Podcasts, undertaken by board member Alex Colket. Over the past few months, Alex has been sitting down with local and national leaders in the sustainability movement.

David Brancaccio:

During the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, David Brancaccio, Host and Senior Editor of NOW on PBS and Host of ‘Fixing the Future’ visited Ithaca. In this podcast, Alex sits down with Brancaccio to ask him about his work, especially in the context of what is happening here in Ithaca. We were flattered to hear David say “We absolutely could have set the film here in Ithaca…it’s all right here.” We agree.  You can listen to rest of their conversation here.

Shira Golding:

The creative force behind Share Tompkins, FracAttack and Shirari Industries sat down to talk with Sustainable Tompkins about how she envisions and lives out positive ways to create change in our world. Shira offered an upbeat yet practical approach to change, stating: “The whole idea of creating positive alternatives…is really important because …it’s very easy to get bogged down by all the problems in the world, whether it’s environmental or social justice, and be always fighting against tings. It’s more gratifying and fun to work for things.” Listen in on the rest of their conversation here.

We have many more exciting guests planned down the road, so please check back often!  Sustainable Tompkins podcasts are available on the Sustainable Tompkins website, through RSSFeed and on iTunes (search ‘Sustainable Tompkins’). Interviews with Scott Wiggins, owner of La Tourelle Resort and Spa, and Jemila Sequeira, coordinator of the Whole Community Project at Cornell Cooperative Extension, are newly available.