On Monday, December 14, at the Green Resource Hub holiday party, the Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network (SEEN) was officially launched.

Sustainable Tompkins is deeply proud to sign on as the first charter member of the SEEN.  A thriving green business sector is essential to the redesign of how we work and live, and the SEEN will help provide critical infrastructure we need to build a more sustainable economy.

The Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network (SEEN) is envisioned to become a community of businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs networking, marketing, and learning together to further our ecological, social, and financial success.

Originating from a working group of Sustainable Tompkins (ST), the Green Resource Hub began as an entity to expand the marketplace for sustainable living in the Finger Lakes Region. The Hub grew successfully under the fiscal umbrella and staff support of ST.

Recognizing a need to engage the businesses involved in the Green Resource Hub, the SEEN was established following a feasibility study conducted by ST. The Hub hosts an online green business directory, and both organizations host business networking events throughout the year.