As Spring in Tompkins County coaxes us back to our favorite gardens, farmers markets, and parks, Sustainable Tompkins is waiting to fertilize new growth and new ideas with our 12th round of the Neighborhood Mini-Grants Program! Applications are due June 1, 2011.

As we look around our community, recent projects supported by Neighborhood Mini-Grants are blossoming into opportunities for independent, healthy living. At West Village Gone Green, a multitude of seeds and transplants are making their way into a new community garden. At Beverly J. Martin Elementary School, first graders are sowing the seeds that will lead to a harvest for BJM’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack Program as well as the Nutritious Cooking Club. The Danby Land Bank is building a portable chicken house to raise broilers. And, at Ithaca Biodiesel, new volunteers, strong partnerships, and increased outreach initiatives have even the youngest volunteers smiling (Photo, left, courtesy of Ithaca Biodiesel).

Sustainable Tompkins is honored to play a role in nurturing the creativity and innovation of community members seeking to build a more just and sustainable society. If your organization has an idea to increase community sustainability, improve quality of life, or long-term health and well-being for residents of Tompkins County, please apply! Neighborhood Mini-Grants are awards of $150-$750, provided to Tompkins County community groups, non-profit organizations, civic groups and schools.

To learn more about past awardees and the goals of the program, please visit our Neighborhood Mini-Grants Program website. To request an application, or further information, please email: or call the Sustainable Tompkins office at 607-216-1552.

Mini-Grants for Maximum Impact:
Please consider supporting the Neighborhood Mini-Grants Program. The program is funded through individual donations, sponsorships, and grants. Every gift—large or small—helps. And, if you are a new donor to Sustainable Tompkins, your gift will be matched 100% by the Park Foundation!