The Finger Lakes Bioneers return to Ithaca October 22-24 with the second annual We Make Our Future conference. This three-day event invites ALL community members to join the conference and find your inner bioneer! Each day of the conference offers a chance to get deeply engaged with fellow citizens to co-create new responses to the challenges of climate change, job losses, energy and food security, and unsustainable development patterns.

The conference features internationally, nationally, and locally renowned speakers, facilitators, and performers. Events will take place throughout the Ithaca community, at the Women’s Community Building, Cinemapolis, Ithaca College and WildFire Lounge.  For full details, visit:  A variety of interactive and educational events will take place over the course of three days – highlights include:

  • Each morning, get your creative juices flowing at Breakfast with the Bioneers. Watch satellite broadcasts by leading thinkers like Jane Goodall, climate scientist Jim Hansen and Stoneyfield Farms founder Gary Hirshberg. Viewings can be attended for $5 at the door.
  • On Friday afternoon, play The Climate Change Game with Medard Gabel of Big Picture/Small World. Players act as leaders of governments, corporations, and as individuals as they make decisions that impact the global climate. Through the game, learn about the options we have and what we can do to help avert climate change challenges.
  • On Saturday afternoon, play “Tompkins Transitions”, a customized version of The City Game presented by Big Picture/Small World and Sustainable Tompkins.
  • Sunday afternoon, join us for the Awakening the Dreamer symposium – an inspiring experience created by the Pachamama Alliance to help people around the world awaken to the reality of a future where our intelligence and love of life can be expressed through creative re-design of our economy, our way of life, and our relationships.
  • On Friday and Saturday evenings embark on a multi-media, musical exploration of water art and natural soundscapes from New York and distant places.
  • Sunday night, bring your skills and leave your wallet at home: Share Tompkins Service Swap offers a chance to barter with others for services such as photography, accounting, health care and anything else that attendees have to offer. Bring business cards and a snack or drink to share!

Registration is ongoing at – tickets are only $15/day!

Bioneers are engaged citizens from all backgrounds and fields who focus on solving our world’s most urgent problems within a framework of interdependence: It’s all connected.  In 2009 18,000 people attended the main Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA and 18 local Beaming Bioneers satellite conferences across the Nation.   This year Ithaca will be one of 20 locations to participate in this worldwide convening of Bioneers.  The We Make Our Future conference brings the Bioneers to Ithaca – join us!  For the complete schedule, visit:

We Make Our Future

We Make Our Future