April 17 Final SetupThanks to Cris McConkey and his Crew, we now have the video and a podcast of our first salon in our series on ‘The Climate, the Market, and the Commons’ available.  They’ve done an excellent job of putting our conversation on “Why Are We Stuck in Climate Denial?”  together thanks to Cris’s hard work at editing and filtering the audio.  We hope you will watch it if you had to miss the salon, and share it with others who might be interested.

Thanks to a sponsorship by Home Green Home, we will be able to hire Cris and Company to film our second climate salon this Thursday, May 8, at 7 pm when the topic will be “Can Business and Technology ‘Save’ Us?”.  We’ll follow the same format of hearing from guest speakers (Karl North, Stu Staniford, and Marty Hiller) to help us frame up the discussion on the role of the Market in solving the climate problem.

Then we want to hear from YOU as we explore the topic and our options together.  Join us at the Sustainability Center, 111 N. Albany St., Ithaca from 7-9 pm this Thursday.