Sx Table Anna, Ellen, Kitty

We’re excited to announce our participation in the upcoming “day of giving” for our community on Friday, August 28!  Organized by the good folks at GiveGab, it’s an opportunity for everyone in our county to come together in support of local nonprofits that are so important to the placemaking, quality of life, and shared future of our region.  Sustainable Tompkins has put together an online fundraising portal for The Sustainability Table — a way to support our work as we support our local sustainability movement.

Your gift today means we can keep “home room” open for the many volunteers and community leaders who gather here to work on behalf of stewardship, justice, and plenitude.  It costs $15 a day to keep the doors open, or $450 a month.  Please help us reach our goal of $5400 to keep this resource for the movement secure for the next year.  Or be a different kind of One Percenter and donate $54 to the campaign!

The conference table in the Sustainable Tompkins office has seen a lot of action over the years.  Its residue of invisible fingerprints of shared ideas, strategic organizing, renewed commitments, and challenges to the status quo can be seen out in our community as new infrastructure, policies, enterprises, and social norms pushing us forward to new systems of living and working together.

The most effective social change comes when both decision makers and the grassroots are fully engaged.  Since 2004, Sustainable Tompkins has been bringing people together to build a more sustainable community.  Our local movement has grown significantly over the past decade, and new sustainability initiatives have blossomed.  But there is much work ahead and we must continue the process of engagement.  For that, our movement needs a “homeroom,” a base, a place to gather and debate and develop our ideas and campaigns.

Sx Table Directory CommJust in the past few months, the Sustainability Table has hosted meetings with elected officials and local developers to learn about clean energy technologies to replace fossil fuel dependency, along with a series of meetings to develop a concept paper on how our local social justice and climate activists can work together to connect the dots between equity and energy issues.  The Table has been used to sort out certificates for the Peoples’ Choice Signs of Sustainability awards, and for the deliberations of the Mini-Grants Council as they assess proposals from grassroots leaders for diverse and exciting community projects.  Lately, staff and volunteers have been working hard on a campaign to help lower-income households participate in a clean energy future through the Finger Lakes Climate Fund.

Sx Table with EMCAs our community readies for its first Giving is Gorges day on August 28th, we ask our supporters, our friends and colleagues in our movement, to help us reach our goal of $5,400 to make sure the Sustainability Table is available in the coming year to those working for change.  The office at 309 N. Aurora is a convenient place to gather, close to downtown and big enough to host large committees.  Sustainable Tompkins is glad to have the Green Resource Hub and Tompkins County Climate Initiative continue as our officemates at this new location.

But we need your support to pay for rent and utilities to maintain this “homeroom” for the local sustainability movement.  Your generous donation during this campaign will make sure the fingerprints of the Sustainability Table continue to work their magic on our community.