The Climate, The Market, and The Commons

 Thursdays at 7:00 pm, The Sustainability Center, 111 N. Albany, Ithaca

April 17:  Why are we stuck in climate denial?
May 8:      Can business and technology save us?
June 5:    Will government intervene?
June 19:    Is it up to the people?

Every day, the planet reports in with another example of a climate in disarray.  Predictions of near and long-term damage to our economy, our health, and basic life necessities are growing louder and more alarming.  Yet, we seem strangely paralyzed in responding appropriately to the threat.

Russian salon


We need to talk.  We need to develop a better understanding of why we are so slow to respond, how the structure of our economy both creates the problem and offers solutions, and what (exactly) are we, The People, going to do about protecting our shared future.

The conversation salons will begin with brief sketches by thoughtful citizens of some of the main perspectives on each topic before we open up the discussion to all salon attendees.  Come prepared to listen, to be challenged, and to make your voice heard.  Watch for our column in Tompkins Weekly and on our website for a briefing on each salon’s topic.

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