seal-the-cracks-facebook-bannerWhether you stayed home and hosted friends and family, or hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday, you can take responsibility for the carbon emissions from your holiday celebration by making a carbon offset with the

More than ever, our planet needs you to help safeguard against the rapid heating of our atmosphere.  More than ever, vulnerable members of our community need your help to prepare their homes for bad weather by sealing the cracks, adding insulation, and upgrading equipment.  For every ton of CO2 emissions that you offset from your family’s travels, we will make sure that a ton of CO2 is kept out of our atmosphere in the future.  We do this by making grants to lower-income households for much needed energy improvements to their homes.

Our goal is to take out another 500 tons by the winter solstice!  We’re more than halfway there, but definitely need You to participate in taking this step toward a more stable climate.  It’s quick, easy, and affordable with the Finger Lakes Climate Fund!