This September 2013 we awarded the following five grants:

In Ithaca, two Coddington Road residents will use their Mini-grant to start a Neighborhood Battery and Plastic Bag Recycling collection spot. In addition to keeping these hard to recycle items out of the landfill, it is their hope that the collection spot will give neighbors an opportunity to get to know one another—building community through sustainability. We’re hoping that this effort will catch on across the county!

A Lansing resident will use his Mini-grant to complete the installation of a home built/economical solar system. When its up and running he’ll hold DIY (Do It Yourself) Solar Power workshops to teach community members how to build and install a system in their own homes. We can’t wait for this one.

In addition, we  are honored to offer Mini-grants in support of three local treasures:

The Cancer Resource Center was awarded a Mini-grant to help complete their Healing Garden. This new garden will be built and maintained by CRC community members and their families and will capitalize on the healing power of gardening and plants. Plan a visit to the Healing Garden next summer.

A Mini-grant went to the Sciencenter for their latest, the Renewable Wind Energy Exhibit. The exhibit promises real time monitoring of a local residential wind farm, demonstrate the feasibility of small-scale wind in our area  and will appeal to both children and adults. We’re betting it will blow you away.

The Mini-grant awarded to the Ithaca Alternative Gift Fair will be used to boost attendance at the Fair through radio, social networking and printed materials. This annual event offers area residents access to 60 plus local non-profit organizations and a chance to make gifts in support of participating groups.  We’ve been fortunate to participate in the Fair for many years and donations to the Neighborhood Mini-grant program have always been a favorite of Fair attendees!

Thanks to the Park Foundation and Suzanne Aigen/Aigen Financial Group for their continued generosity toward Neighborhood Mini-grants. Their support provides us with the ability to make grants quarterly—YOUR support means that we can make grants at a meaningful level. The next deadline is December 1– make your gift to the Neighborhood Mini-grant program today.

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For an application contact Karen Jewett-Bennett and Coordinator Chris Donaldson at our new Mini-grant email: