dave-ritchiexxgalwayoscarweduardvildeandme-squareDave Ritchie won October’s Individual category of our Carbon Races for the ‘Seal the Cracks’ campaign. Here’s Dave communing in Galway with Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde on a trip to visit his in-laws. ┬áHe’s a big fan of supporting local efforts and will miss the annual Alternative Gift Fair, but is glad to step up and take responsibility for all of his travel and building carbon emissions of the past year – including his fun trip to Ireland for a family visit.

Dave says “The $28 to offset that round-trip airline trip plus the $77 to offset this last year’s household electricity and gas usage are both dwarfed by the huge $141 to offset my mildly efficient (30 mpg) car’s usage the past year — and that gives me a big hint about where I can pare down. Even using my bicycle for a percentage of my in-town trips, and the bus for some inter-city trips, I still used the car a tremendous amount!”