Photo provided by the Family Reading Partnership

Sometimes a small investment can have a large impact on an organization or business’s operations, raising efficiency while reducing environmental impacts. The Family Reading Partnership, a Danby-based organization devoted to distributing children’s books throughout Tompkins County, has long taken its recyclables to the Tompkins County Recycling and Solid Waste Center, a 14-mile round trip made by the volunteers who also provide vital program assistance and administrative support. In September 2017, the Family Reading Partnership received a Neighborhood Mini-Grant from Sustainable Tompkins to purchase two heavy-duty lidded recycling bins in which large volumes of material — primarily cardboard from shipments of books – could be securely left outdoors for curbside pickup.

This has reduced the organization’s carbon footprint and freed its volunteers to focus their time on its programs, facilitating more book distribution. A strengthened commitment to recycling has inspired successful efforts to reduce the amount of recyclable waste produced.

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