A group of Lansing residents organized by Sustainable Tompkins has been meeting since last August to explore various types of locally-owned renewable energy systems.  This spring they are hosting a series of public lectures on clean energy.

Their first event will be Tuesday, March 25, from 7-9 pm at the Lansing Community Center (25 Auburn Road).  Keith Liblick of Renovus Energy will cover the topic of converting domestic hot water systems to solar energy.

Group Discount Available to Attendees!

One of the easiest and lowest cost ways to go solar is for your hot water.  Using just a small amount of roof space, the systems collect heat year-round to drastically reduce the fossil fuel energy used by your water heater.  In this informative presentation, Keith will explain the process and how the system works.

In 2013, Renovus Energy was awarded the Solarize Tompkins SE program for solar hot water.  Last year, 38 residents of Caroline, Danby, and Dryden took advantage of community volume-pricing from Renovus Energy, and the company has agreed to extend the same Solarize volume pricing to local residents who attend this Lansing community meeting.  It will be a great opportunity to go solar and save money with your neighbors by signing up for a community discount.


Keith has 5 years of experience supporting clients in the renewable industry and 20 years total experience in technical products.  He is 100% committed to offering the best customer service he can provide.  Prior to joining the team at Renovus, Keith worked at a supplier-partner, Friedman Electric, where he was in charge of solar sales for six of their stores.  Keith has throughout his career leveraged his technical abilities and degree in Electrical Engineering to get customers the right information, right now.

If you’ve been thinking about going solar, be sure to attend on March 25 so you can take advantage of the group discount being offered to attendees.