April 17 Final SetupAcross the Finger Lakes region, hundreds of people are realizing that it isn’t enough to just be concerned about climate change and the threats posed by the fossil fuel industry. As they watch the paralysis in Albany and Washington DC, they understand that they dare not remain passive, and must move into focused and dedicated action. But they also understand that they need thousands more to join them.

We invite you to join us for “Is It Up to the People?”, the final salon in our “The Climate, the Market, and the Commons” series, on Thursday, June 19, 7 pm, 111 N. Albany St.  We will be exploring the essential roles each of us must play as voter, consumer, taxpayer, and community member if we hope to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Miranda Phillips, Sustainable Tompkins board member and Chair of the Ithaca Chapter of Citizens Climate Coalition, and Reed Steberger of Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative will join Gay Nicholson as speakers to share their experiences in organizing for climate protection.  They will explore ideas for mobilization, identify barriers, and share examples of local initiatives.

The first salons in our series addressed the questions of “Why are we stuck in climate denial?,” “Can business and technology save us?,” and “Will government intervene?” and attracted large audiences for lively discussions. At the last salon, we will take up the question “Is it Up to the People?”

Thursday, June 19, 7 pm, 111 N. Albany St.

You can view videos or listen to podcasts of previous salons in our series on ‘The Climate, the Market, and the Commons’:

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