We did it. 

At the end of 2020, we set a goal to build a coalition of local businesses and organizations to lead on the climate emergency by taking responsibility for their carbon emissions each year. To start, we set a goal of offsetting $12,500 of emissions from this sector, which would directly fund 6 local families in Climate Fund grants to transition off of fossil fuels – that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford to. 

This past year, 14 businesses joined FLECA to offset their energy bills, travel miles, and deliveries. They’ve invited their clientele to join in the offsetting, as well.

We BLEW past our $12,500 goal by the end of our ‘20 – ‘21 campaign. 

… And I completely missed us crossing the finish line! 

Together, we raised $16,665 this fiscal year. I’m eager to see our members renew their offsetting commitments and welcome new partners to the team.  

It is incredibly gratifying to see businesses account for their emissions and work with us and their team to reduce everywhere else they can. The business sector has a key role to play in building resilience locally in the face of accelerating climate change — and often has more capacity than an individual to invest in climate protection. We are proud to see our local community businesses directly fund these resiliency projects that immensely improve the lives of lower-income community members right here in the Finger Lakes while eliminating an equal amount of emissions! 

Thank you. Thank you. We are so proud to have you! – Halco, Ithaca Marriott, Dailey Electric, Discover Cayuga Lake, Carol Bushberg Real Estate, Paddle-n-more, Beck Equipment, Odyssey Bookstore, Leslie Danks Burke for NY State Senate, Firelight Camps, Rogues Harbor Inn, Freedom Boat Club, and Food Forest Farm. 

Let’s go tackle 2022’s emissions!