Sustainable Tompkins is working with the Owego branch of RAFT (Residents Against Fracking Tioga) to make a positive difference in the conversation around energy and climate.  As a follow-up to our February 9 movie and conversation about “When Climate Change Hits Home,” we have put together what promises to be a fun and informative day of hands-on education for homeowners and businesses about the many ways they can participate in the transition to a clean energy economy.

Weatherstripping demo

Find out how to reduce your energy use and transition to renewables. From simple DIY energy savings to whole house system improvements to solar and wind for your home or business. Local contractors and energy experts will get you started on your path to greater energy security.

We’ll start with a look at our Finger Lakes Communergy programs to help people reduce fossil fuel consumption, offset emissions, and invest in renewable energy.  Then Brad Pacalis of the Public Policy Education Fund and Lou Roma of Sustainable Performance Consulting will review the funding and technical assistance available from NYSERDA to homeowners and businesses.  Pat Dundon of The Insulation Man will then take us on a tour of your best energy investments: insulation and air sealing.  Expect some fun with blower doors, gas sniffers, and infrared cameras!  After lunch, we’ll stay on our feet as we explore the historic mansion of St Patricks School and John Paterson demonstrates how to be a DIY Climate Hero.  Once we know how to shrink our demand for energy, we’ll sit down to hear from Alec Mitchell of Weaver Wind and Gay Canough of ETM Solarworks as they demystify the process of bringing renewable energy to our homes.

The Energy Teach-In takes place Saturday, February 23 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, at St. Patrick’s School, 309 Front St., Owego,NY.  Participation is free, but lunch will be offered for $7.  Registration is required by February 20.  Call 607-218-7261 or email

Energy conservation and renewable energy offer us a sensible, holistic solution to our energy needs that harms none and benefits many.  Join us for our Energy Teach-In and get climate smart!