Alternatives seminar Dryden Town Hall 2-19-15If you missed our presentation at the Dryden Town Hall on February 19, you can watch a video of our talk thanks to the efforts of Cris McConkey and Eddie Rodriguez.  Eddie ran the camera system and Cris quickly finished up the editing so that we could share the video with those interested in learning the details about how air and ground-source heat pumps work and how they compare to using methane or propane for space heating and hot water.

We are grateful for the introduction by town board member Linda Lavine and our hosts (Dryden Town Board, the Town Planning Board and the Town Conservation Board).  On an exceptionally bitter cold night with plenty of blowing snow, we were glad to see a crowd of about 30 brave the weather to join us.

Thanks once again to Brice Smith of SUNY Cortland for his excellent work in developing these energy models and his great teaching skills in sharing the results with all of us.  Melissa Kemp of Solar Tompkins hit the highlights on connecting heat pumps to renewably-sourced electricity and reviewed the tax credits and other energy savings that builders and occupants can expect from switching to heat pumps for their space heating and cooling.