Resistance Vision

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Tompkins Weekly         10-23-17

By Elan Shapiro

We’re committed to the Common Good. We hold ourselves and our officials and institutions accountable to future generations. We keep showing up. We put People First and Earth First. We protect our home places and our threatened community members. We’re “connecting the dots,” reaching across our divides, stretching beyond our cultural & economic class comfort zones, and seeing how closely our needs and causes connect. We’re dedicated to making America great. We’re engaging the political world – at all levels – with a fire for genuine democracy.

We’re waking up and rising up. Right now. We keep our “eyes on the prize.” Our love can overcome hate. We’re linking people-power movements. This is our time. We belong. We’re “enough.” We value and love ourselves. We’re not afraid to challenge tyranny, oppression, and bigotry. Right here. We expect people-centered government and we practice bottom-up self-reliance. We’re ending our addiction to fossil fuels, commercialism, and militarism for the sake of living in a healthier, happier planet. We’re connecting up to build community wealth and health. We’re fueled by fierce and tender love and compassion. Right now. We encourage and support the voices and leadership of people who’ve been marginalized. We’re keeping each other strong.

We’re replacing judgment and fear with connection and solidarity. We share Earth’s bounty. We celebrate and draw strength from our differences & our unity. We‘re learning how to subvert stereotypes, dismantle domination, and root out racism. We’re creating a world of dignity, sufficiency, and rich opportunities FOR ALL. We’re building community unity in so many ways. We’re in this for the long haul. We’re teaming up for our Collective Liberation. We keep showing up. We will overcome.

Elan Shapiro is part of the Building Bridges Coalition, a lecturer at Ithaca College, and community educator.


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