Signs of Sustainability 2013 iconAt Sustainable Tompkins we keep our eyes open year -round for innovations, awards and new initiatives related to sustainability. Each December we recognize these achievements with our Signs of Sustainability Awards. Since 2006 where we recognized 31 individuals and businesses for their sustainability efforts—we have continued that tradition with a Celebration to honor and recognize sustainability achievements by business, individuals, governments and organizations on the first weekend of December.

What started out as handfuls has grown more than ten fold with 345 celebrated in 2012. Today there are more than 2000 Signs hanging in homes, businesses and offices around the County … and that’s not even counting the signs we saw in 2013.

The challenge has been how to share everything we have identified with both those we recognize and the general public. At the annual celebration we’ve tried displaying the certificates, we’ve made posters (and in 2012 banners) that described each groups achievement—in the beginning we even presented the certificates from the podium so the program went on and on. These methods, though not ideal, did give us a chance to showcase everyone in one place—but it was an opportunity that was limited to 2 hours and about 200 people.

Now everyone can celebrate those who have been recognized …

All of the 2013 Signs of Sustainability awardees will be featured in a multi-screen exhibit on display at the Sustainability Center, during Gallery Hours Thursdays and Saturday from 2 pm-6 pm from December 7, 2013 to January 23, 2014.  There will be an opening reception on Saturday December 7 and a closing reception on January 23rd. Award recipients and community members are welcome to visit anytime to see the display and browse the Sustainability Center Gallery.

For a preview see the 2013 Signs of Sustainability.

Remember to keep your eyes open for Signs of Sustainability in 2014 and send them along to