Signs of Sustainability

We have a long way to go, but we're making progress. Here are some signs that we are moving towards sustainability.

November 13, 2017

Greensprings – Renew, Sustain, Endure

Tompkins Weekly     11-13-17

By Lynn Leopold

In the global scheme of things, the Greensprings Natural Cemetery in Newfield may seem a very small effort at sustainability, but the land management activities on the 130-acre preserve are fine local examples of planning for the present and the future through green burial and land management for wildlife values.

Since the first priority of the cemetery is to provide natural burials, both today and in future years, maintaining the large burial meadows goes way beyond simply keeping the space mowed for ease of access. In past years, Greensprings has been working with the Natural Resource Conservation Service of the USDA to manipulate parts of the open fields to make them more inviting to grassland birds, particularly those species that are declining in New York state and elsewhere in the northeast.

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October 23, 2017

Resistance Vision

Tompkins Weekly         10-23-17

By Elan Shapiro

We’re committed to the Common Good. We hold ourselves and our officials and institutions accountable to future generations. We keep showing up. We put People First and Earth First. We protect our home places and our threatened community members. We’re “connecting the dots,” reaching across our divides, stretching beyond our cultural & economic class comfort zones, and seeing how closely our needs and causes connect. We’re dedicated to making America great. We’re engaging the political world – at all levels – with a fire for genuine democracy.

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October 9, 2017

Treasure Hunt, Reuse Trail Open!

Tompkins Weekly            10-9-17

By Susanna Plotkin

Throughout October, Get Your GreenBack Tompkins is hosting the first annual Reuse Trail Treasure Hunt. The Reuse Trail is made up of 45 stores in the county that sell used goods, and 14 of them are part of the Treasure Hunt. Game participants can pick up a game card at any Treasure Hunt store and play one of two games for a chance to win between $40 and $200 in gift cards. Participation is free and no purchase is necessary; however, participants can take 10 percent off their purchase when they find a “treasure” they’d like to keep.

We have found over the years that local residents know about some secondhand stores in the community, but everyone is surprised at how many there are, and the variety of things they sell. Instead of telling people about these treasures, we made it a game, which I think is going to be really fun.

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