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Each year since 2006, Sustainable Tompkins has kept watch for “signs” of sustainable decision-making, practice and action emerging throughout our community. We scan the local horizon for the opening of new sustainable enterprises, the launch of new sustainability-related organizations, and we listen for word of new sustainability programs or activities undertaken by existing companies, organizations and institutions. We spotted more than 420 “signs” this year – by far, our biggest number ever in a single year! -and know full well that we still caught only a fraction of what actually happened. Kudos to all those whom we cited for offering our community a “sign of sustainability” this year; taken together, all these “signs” combine to make ours an even more vibrant, resilient, and sustainable community.

There were literally hundreds of additional “signs” posted by existing organizations or businesses in our communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Sustainable Tompkins’ “Signs of Sustainability” visit the Sustainability Center 111 North Albany Street (itself a “new program” citation this year) during the Center’s gallery hours (Thursdays and Saturdays between 2-6pm) until the “Signs of Sustainability” multimedia exhibit closes on January 23rd.  

Sustainable Tompkins’ purpose in annually showcasing these community “signs of sustainability” is multifaceted: to demonstrate what is possible; to encourage the adoption of more sustainable practices; to make the public aware of sustainable enterprises to patronize; and to make you aware of sustainability-related programs and activities in which you can get involved. Let’s hope 2014 proves to be equally as rich in new “signs of sustainability” as we spotted in 2013. If so, it will be an even happier New Year for us all!

Here are the 2013 Signs: (temporarily disabled)

We celebrated with the recipients of the “signs” on December 7 at the Sustainability Center and are grateful for the support of La Tourelle Inn and Spa for the beverages, supplies and snacks, Smart Monkey Catering for the wonderful cake, and our wonderful board of directors and volunteers for their time. Thank you also to Marian Brown and interns Maegan Krieger (Cornell Hotel School ’15) and Jessica Santos (Ithaca College ’13) for all of their hard work on this project throughout 2013–they are the ones who gather, vet and notify all who are cited.

Photos from the December 2013 Celebration:

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Do you have a “Sign of Sustainability” you would like to report?  If so, please contact us!