Signs of Sustainability

We have a long way to go, but we're making progress. Here are some signs that we are moving towards sustainability.

September 19, 2016

Making Ithaca’s Streets Come Alive — An Interview with Streets Alive! Director Vikki Armstrong

Tompkins Weekly      9-19-16

By Tom Knipe

Streets Alive! is coming up on Sunday, September 25, on Plain Street in Ithaca’s Southside neighborhood. Streets Alive! is this: A stretch of streets is closed to cars for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon where the entire community is invited to walk, bicycle, dance, play and socialize in the street. It’s a simple concept, but one with a powerful mission. It aspires to promote active living, re-envision possibilities for urban space and encourage more walking, cycling and rolling for daily transportation. I caught up with Vikki Armstrong, the director of Streets Alive! and Bike Walk Tompkins Director, for a behind the scenes look.

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September 13, 2016

Fall Preparation

Tompkins Weekly      9-12-16

By Serena Lindahl

As the mist rises over the pond on our first slightly chilly morning of the impending change of seasons, we prepare for colder days at White Hawk Ecovillage. What does that mean for us? It means tromping through the forest in search of fall nuts, insulating the latest house to make its appearance around our circle, and hosting our third annual Equinox Celebration!

While a gaggle of child superheroes in capes and masks races their bikes up and down our road in search of villainous offenses, or more likely a frog crossing in untimely fashion, several of White Hawk’s older residents prepare to harvest and put up the food from our gardens. It was a rough summer filled with plenty of watering, weeding and pest control, but our gardens are now bursting with tomatoes, corn, squash and more tomatoes! As we harvest from our own backyards and the gardens we so diligently nurtured, we also look to the wider world. Read more…

September 5, 2016

Local Support for Improved Home Composting

Tompkins Weekly      9-5-16

By Adam Michaelides

The first signs of fall are here. Early apples, nights under 50 degrees, more crickets – yet, the sun is still strong, and we have plenty of 80 degree days. Before we know it, we will be bringing in the fall harvest, and tasting cider and concord grapes at the Apple Harvest Festival. In this end of summer time, there are several opportunities to become a home composter, or a better one.

Sometimes with composting, seeing is believing. At the public classes, Master Composters demonstrate the use of home compost bins. We bring food scraps, and the requisite “browns” (straw, leaves, etc.) to use to Lasagna Layer in the bin. The demo takes 5 minutes and is intended to show just how quick and easy home composting can be. Read more…