Signs of Sustainability

We have a long way to go, but we're making progress. Here are some signs that we are moving towards sustainability.

July 27, 2015

Make Your Voice Heard in Congress

Tompkins Weekly 7-27-15

By Miranda Phillips

You probably believe either or both of the following:  1. Congress will never act on climate. 2. We have little influence in the matter.

I’m writing to argue the very opposite: Congress is right now very interested in climate solutions, and wants to hear from you.

What makes me think so?    If you’ve read the July 10 op-ed in the Ithaca Journal, “Re-think what you know about Republicans and their stance on climate change”, you already know something of this. Read more…

July 20, 2015

Summer Abundance Through Sharing

Tompkins Weekly 7-20-15

by Sophie Somerfeldt

Golden sunshine and sweet summer breezes can bring out our most generous selves. Can a ‘sharing mood’ around transportation bring out the best in our whole community? Here are five ways it already is, and how you can get in on the summer fun.

1) Sharing rides. Every parent wants their child to succeed, and it turns out that participating in sports, musicals or other organized, peer-group ‘extras’ aren’t extra after all–the social connections, new skills and leadership development leads to more successful students. This past year and heading into the next, the Ithaca City School District has become increasingly committed to encouraging all students to join in at least one of these school-based activities and to not letting transportation barriers stand in the way. Read more…

July 13, 2015

Weaver Wind: Energy Independence at Home in Tompkins County

Tompkins Weekly 7-13-15

By Peter Zibinski

Did you know wind turbines are being designed and manufactured right here in Tompkins County?

At Weaver Wind Energy, we are re-thinking energy distribution and creating a sustainable business model in the process. Weaver Wind is dedicated to the creation of reliable small wind systems and every one of our machines is designed and assembled in the Village of Freeville, just a few minutes from Ithaca.

Tompkins County is a renowned center of free thought, sustainable values, and talented individuals.  Our five-year journey, from R&D through to final product, has been made possible by the ardent support of our fellow community members.  Read more…